How to decide a strong and stable machine structure but in an economical way?

For most of time, we may be confused to choose a good machine structure which should be strong enough but also in an economical way. So normally we will have some suggestions for it.

Normal type roll former supporter, please check below. It’s suitable for the steel sheet thickness Max. 1.2mm for metal decking profile. It’s mostly used for roofing profile, wall profile, metal deck profile, etc.

Sometimes, if the finished product is purlin, storage rack, solar channel or other specific profiles whose thickness is about 1.5-3.0, we’d like to introduce another stronger structure, please see below.

If the steel sheet thickness is more than 3.0mm and requires a higher accuracy. We usually suggest to make the transmission with gear box and the above roll former supporter.

Why there are loops for some roll forming lines?

For some roll forming lines, especially some lines need punch, we usually design them to be separated parts, for example, we put decoiler&leveling, servo feeding&punch and roll forming unit to be separated parts. And we set loops between them.

The loop is mainly used for synchronizing the speed, especially the punching speed is much lower than the roll forming. Meanwhile, the whole line working speed can be improved with the working of loops.

How to design a roll forming line if the customer’s factory space is limited?

Sometimes, if the customer’s factory area is limited and they want machines to produce some profiles. In this association, we usually have two options, one is making a double layer roll forming machine, another one is making a cassette type roll forming machine. Please see below photos.

But there is shortage for these two types. One time the machine can only works on one profile. If it requires a high production capacity, it’s not a good choice.

What is the influence of the steel sheet’s thickness, hardness (yield strength)?

Firstly, it will affect the structure of the roll forming machine. Simply, it will decide how strong the machine is. Secondly, it will decide how many roller operation station we need to process this profile. It mostly decides the length of the roll forming unit. Thirdly, it decides the distance between two close roller stations. What’s more, we need to choose a suitable roller material for forming the profile, considering the duration of the machine.

The brief instruction of the PUR/PIR/Rockwool Sandwich Panel Continuous Line and some important technical points that will interests the user.

The line mainly consists of decoilers, roll forming machines, rockwool feeding system, pre-heating oven, foam injection machine, double belt machine, heating system for double belt machine, cutting system, cooling system, stacker, packing system, etc.

There are various choices for the foam injection machine, for example the component quantity, foam agent is 141b or pentane.

The length of the double belt machine is decided by the chemical reaction time (mostly is for PIR) and the thickness of the sandwich panel.

For the cooling system, it is used for the big thickness sandwich panel, to avoid the damage from the high temperature after the chemical reaction.   

What is the factory area required for PUR/PIR/Rockwool Sandwich Panel Continuous Line?

Normally, we need 130*15*6m (length*width*height). Sometimes the customer’s factory’s length is smaller. We will change the working direction in the section of stacking and packing and make it to be “U” shape. Thus, along the length, we can save the space of the packing machine.

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