One-Stop Solution Service

One-Stop Solution Service

Formetal supplies high quality One-stop Solution Service including designing, components manufacturing, quality controlling, assembling, inspecting, shipping and after sales service, etc. As per our understanding, supplying the machines is not only selling machines simply, but also providing One-stop Service for our customer, we must do everything from the perspective of customers. We are continuously servicing for our customers with this concept. 


Formetal insists on designing all the machine details according to the users' requests with our experienced suggestions. We deeply knew the machine shall bring conveniences and happies to our customers, and we never stop the exploration and creativity on our machines.

Every machine will be unique based on our customer's specific request. We have the abilities to design a satisfied machine as we have long time experience which is quite important in the roll forming industry. Meanwhile, we are using the professional software such as Autocad, Solidwork, Copra, etc.

Components manufacturing

Components manufacturing is a very important step in the whole process. The manufacturing accuracy of components will determine the production accuracy of the machines. We have experienced technician and advanced equipment to handle it.

Quality controlling

We will carefully check every part before the complete installation of the machine, with our strict standard. The material surface treatment, material hardness, rollers dimension, machine body surface levelness, hydraulic part quality, electric part quality… all the details are strictly controlled before the machine installation.


We have experienced technician team for the installation of the machine, pay attention to high quality assembly, take care of every piece of the part without any damages. Having inner testing for the machines and getting rid of any imperfect points on the machine with the constantly communication of the engineers. 


We will invite our customer to make inspection on the ordered machine for the final acceptance, hoping to have a face to face discussion with customer. We understand the machine will be used by our customer in his factory and with his raw material. So this point can be the top important one in the entire process. The machine cannot be defined ready without customer's approval.


We guarantee on the On-time shipping. Normally we supply the wooden box for the vulnerable parts, such as electric cabinet, hydraulic station. For some high surface requirements parts, for example the rollers, we will brush the rust-preventative oil and wrap with plastic film. The machine will be nailed in the container with wooden block and iron wire in case of any damage.

After sales service

We have an engineer team especially for the after sales service. The engineer will be dispatched immediately once our customer receives the machine, in charge of the machine installation, testing, offering the training for the customer's operator, and any other support requests. The machine must reach our customer's satisfaction before our engineer leaves for China.

Once a customer buys our machine, the service is for life. We constantly focus on the machines, and timely provide support for our customer. The feedback will be issued within 24 hours from our customer comes up with questions.

Components Machining


Customer Inspecting

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After Sales Service
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