Quality Control

Quality control

Factory management: our factory management is managed through ERP and CRM programs. ERP is committed to reduce management cost, ensure product quality and reduce the cost. CRM is used to customer management. Through digital management, increase the sales and profits.

Purchasing process: inquiry, evaluation, decision, purchase request, order, coordination and communication, delivery, purchase acceptance, and arrangement payment. Raw auxiliary material, packaging purchase plan complete condition, quality condition, and cost control condition:

The purchasing approval list: General Manager ----- Purchasing Manager ----- Purchasing workers. It is better to provide material and service which is needed by factory. Keep and improve my product quality and service.

Purchasing emergency response

· Establish multi-level supplier system, main raw auxiliary material suppliers keep more than 2 suppliers standby.

· Establish supplier files, conduct comprehensive evaluation of supplier’s performance ability, such as quality, service, technology, price, reputation and internal management of enterprise, cultivate high-quality suppliers, and establish relatively stable procurement channels.

· Strictly implement the quality system documents. All purchased materials should conduct quality inspection before warehousing with relevant inspection regulations, and ensure 100% inspection and acceptance rate of incoming material to prevent unqualified material enter into production.

Manufacturing: During manufacturing, each stage has at least one Quality Management Supervisors. All things should be accepted by quality department firstly. The supervisor will check one by one, and then deliver them into the workshop for installation. All installers has very rich expensive and very professionally. 

Acceptance: after the installers finish installation and adjustment, the supervisor will check the machinery firstly. After testing everything is ok, send some photos and videos to customers. And then customers come and accept it by themselves.

Certificate: Final production meets the CE, ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001 certificate requirements, and the finished product should meet the technical plan requirements which are signed by both sides.

Installation and adjustment after selling: After the machine arrives at the destination, the seller will send technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine if the buyer wants. The buyer needs provide some technicians to assist the installation work. Inspection standard is based on the technical standard signed by both parties and the seller’s company standard. After finish installation and adjustment, the seller signs an installation certificate, and the machine guarantee ;starts from that time.

Guarantee period: Twelve months counting from the date of loading or signing the installation certificate. This guarantee excludes the parts that require the normal plant maintenance. The guarantee is strictly limited to the repairing and the replacing of the mechanical parts supplied by us found to be defective provided that failure has occurred during the ordinary use of the equipment.

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