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Since Formetal Technology was established, we have specialized in roll forming machines that can provide our users with complete technical solutions for every segment of the industry.
We made roll forming machines for Steel Structure Buildings, where our machines can make roofing, cladding, decking, purlin, gutter, ridge cap, wall, steel structures, downspouts, etc.
We made roll forming machines for Door and Window Industry, such as door frames, roll shutter slats, guide rails, hood cover boxes, shutter roll-up shafts, etc.
We made roll forming machines for Highways, such as crush barriers/guardrails, post beams, acoustic panels, etc.
We made roll forming machines for the Shelving and Racking System, which is an important part of Storage and logistics, there are components such as an upright/column, shelf panel, C beam, channel, etc.
We made roll forming machines for Power and Energy, Automotive, such as Solar Mounting brackets, Cable tray, Anti-Collision beams, etc.
Meanwhile, we also made other machines producing the custom profile, the products are segmented into various industries. 
Roll forming technology is developing continuously, and its application is more and more extensive. This requires us not to rest on our laurels, but to constantly explore and make progress to keep pace with the times.
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