Import China Roll Forming Machine to Italy

Italy has a strong industrial foundation, whether it is design and development, or manufacturing and processing, it is the world's top. In the cold roll forming industry, there are many top manufacturers in the industry, such as GASPARINI, STAM, DALLAN... To some extent, they are leading the development of cold roll forming technology.
So, as a Chinese cold roll forming manufacturer, how can we survive, and even how can we export equipment to Europe, or even Italy, where there are many strong competitors? Based on our experience, the main points are as follows.
A.We must put the quality of the equipment first. This involves the determination of technical solutions, design, machining, assembly, testing, and after-sales service. Once the process is determined, we cannot make any compromises in front of quality, even if it exceeds our original production cost. We must remember that the business is not only once, but the quality is eternal, and we must establish a good reputation for the equipment we manufacture.
B.We must have a competitive price, but never a price that sacrifices the quality of the equipment. We believe that to ensure quality, we must also pay high manufacturing costs, and the two complement each other. Relying on our years of experience and manufacturing level, we should find a balance point. If our price is higher than or even equal to that of European competitors, it will be very difficult for us to win the bidding.
C.We must have creative thinking and customer-oriented thinking. In each customized plan, start from every detail, try to figure out the usage scenarios of future users, solve the difficulties in actual use, and even provide the greatest convenience. These can light up our equipment and attract customers to the greatest extent.
Basically, if we can follow above points to improve ourselves, importing China roll forming machine to Italy is not so hard. We, Formetal, has been doing it for many years, and we succeeded.

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